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"Employment law" spans contract law, tort law, and the entire alphabet of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. As society changes rapidly, so do the laws governing employee rights. Our job is to stay well-informed and well-rounded in this body of law and to vigorously promote our clients' interests in the workplace. We help employees level the playing field.

We focus on quality work product and creative, practical solutions. We have a good reputation (Super Lawyers recognition, etc.). We work hard and enjoy representing hard-working clients. Add zealous ethics and a sense of humor and that rounds out our aspirations as attorneys.

We're always open to hourly fee consultations on employment law issues, including employment contract reviews, severance negotiations, and nondisclosure/noncompete/nonsolicatation agreements. For litigation and contingency fee work (i.e., we don't get paid unless and until you do), we are very selective, a reflection of our firm’s size and the quality of our work.


Jim vogele

Jim W. Vogele


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Representing employees and small businesses. Member State Bar OR, CA & MT. J.D. Harvard Law School.

Joel christiansen

Joel Christiansen


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Representing employees in employment contract negotiations, civil rights issues, and other workers' rights matters (Oregon statewide)