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Joel Christiansen's Availability / Online Scheduling

Thanks for visiting! This page describes the kinds of working relationships I currently seek and my availability for new ones.

I serve four kinds of clients: (1) consultation clients, (2) project clients, (3) regular clients, and (4) litigation clients. I also try to support my colleagues with specific issues from time to time, as I’m supported by others.

Initial Consultations

I am available. Schedule online >

Initial consultations are short telephone calls for introductions and to discuss whether I can help. I do not delegate my intake process. I cannot and do not provide legal advice or discuss legal or factual details during initial consultations. Initial consultations are 100% confidential.

I do not charge for initial consultation calls. However, initial consultations are subject to my availability, limited in length (~10-15 minutes), and require you to schedule an appointment online using the button above.

(1) Consultation Clients

I am available. Please schedule an initial consultation.

Consultation clients require my help in either one-off or ongoing situations. Sometimes consultation clients will need to talk with me regularly over a period of weeks or months in connection with a specific issue, document, or series of events. Sometimes consultation clients will go several weeks or months without contacting me.

I charge consultation clients hourly and flat rates based on the situation.

(2) Project Clients

I am available. Please schedule an initial consultation.

Project clients hire me to help with specific projects. When the project ends, the working relationship ends with it. Project clients who require ongoing support after a project is complete may become consultation clients.

I charge project clients hourly and flat rates based on the situation.

(3) Regular Clients

I am not currently taking on new regular clients.

Regular clients require substantial time each workweek, and sometimes each workday, many workdays in a row. Regular clients sometimes require me to directly engage with other parties' lawyers or legal teams. A regular client's needs can vary widely, month to month.

(4) Litigation Clients

I am not currently taking on new litigation clients.

Litigation clients require direct representation in active, threatened, or implied litigation, arbitration, or other adversarial matters.


I am available. Please schedule an attorney-to-attorney call.

Fellow lawyers and software engineers aren’t always my clients - sometimes they are my colleagues. I am always happy to discuss interesting new developments, problems, and hypotheticals with colleagues who have as much to teach me as I have to teach them.