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P.O. Box 4120 #83585
Portland, OR 97208

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Hi, I'm Joel. I help employees, professionals, and executives with: (1) employment contracts, (2) international work visas, and (3) employee rights cases (discrimination, retaliation, medical leave, whistleblowing, wage claims, etc.). I occasionally advise startups and small businesses. I've practiced law in Oregon since 2008.

My representative matters and work history are available here. Most of what I do is completely confidential. My practice is relationship-focused and low volume.

I work on a fully remote basis.

Practice Areas
  • Employment Contracts: I help employees, professionals, and executives with evaluating, negotiating, and resolving issues related to employment contracts. I've represented engineers, healthcare providers, elected officials, attorneys, creatives, project managers, sales people, financial professionals, and a wide variety of other professions.

  • International Work Visas: I help employers and other attorneys with international work visas, specifically O (extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics), P (internationally recognized performers), and Q (cultural exchange programs) classification visas. I do this work for clients throughout the U.S. 

  • Employee Rights: I litigate and arbitrate cases against employers that break employment laws. The cases I handle usually relate to employment civil rights issues—discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing, medical leave, wages, and other "protected class/activity" types of cases. I don't litigate as many cases as I used to. But when a case invokes a sense of injustice, I help clients stand up and fight.

I grew up in West Bend, Wisconsin. I got my undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2004). I received my law degree from the California Western School of Law (2008). I was a volunteer mock trial coach at Portland State University (2009-2013) and Reed College (2016-2017).

Before college, I worked as a line cook/dishwasher at a Greek-American diner in my hometown. I worked for the Milwaukee Bar Association for three years during college. I've been programming computers since I was a teenager.

Outside of law practice, I enjoy gardening, cycling, writing, and code. In 2021, I am participating in On Deck's first No-Code Fellowship.

How to Contact Me

To contact me about a new matter, please use one of the contact forms at the top of this page. You may also send an email, but I strongly prefer the forms.

Inquiries are 100% secure and confidential. You won't be put on any list or receive any email from us. I personally review and respond to all inquiries. If I can't help, I'll try to provide a referral.

I offer hourly, flat rate, and contingency fees (% of $ recovered) on a case-by-case basis. I work on cases throughout Oregon remotely.