Below are some articles I've written for this website about various employment law topics. These articles are law-intensive and technical. Please do not rely on them as legal advice.

Oregon Noncompetes - An Overview: Summarizing Oregon's primary noncompete statute, ORS 653.295. (2,966 words)

O-1 Visas in Architecture - Case Studies: A deep dive into some legal authorities and cases about work visas for extraordinary international architects. (4,772 words)

O-1 Visas for Chefs and Culinary Professionals: A close look at foundational legal concepts for chef and culinary work visas. (4,173 words)

Q Visa for Cultural Exchanges - An Underutilized Tool: Legal nitty gritty for a relatively obscure work visa for promoting culture sharing in the U.S. (4,210 words)

Oregon's 2019 Nondisclosure Agreement Law: In 2019, Oregon passed a law banning certain NDAs. This article explains the details. (1,819 words)

Oregon Commission Pay Laws: This article outlines various Oregon laws related to commission pay. (1,823 words)

Wrongful Termination in Oregon: In this article, I try to explain the legal meaning of "wrongful termination" in Oregon. Spoiler alert: it's needlessly complicated and not what most lay people think it is. (2,136 words)